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2605, 2022

All Hand Demolition in Los Gatos CA

We had initially gutted the house and we where called back to demo roof structure and second floor framing down to first floor top plate.

2802, 2022

Complete House Demolition in Los Gatos

Complete house demo down to dirt in Los Gatos. We used a 40k excavator.

2702, 2022

Fire Demolition in Hollister

Demoed roof down to top plate, interior gut with exterior. Removed plumbing/electrical, removed framing, removed concrete patio/walkways/fireplace demo. About 1,400 sqft.

2702, 2022

Steel Stairs

Steel staircase demoed these in a well known hotel in down town San Jose. Carefully cut using a torch. Staircase was main set of stairs from lobby to second floor.

2702, 2022

Roofing demo and more in Los Gatos

This job included removal of roofing material, full interior gut, some framing removal, and exterior siding and stucco removal.

2702, 2022

Concrete Demo in San Jose

600 Square Foot concrete demolition. Completed in one day.

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